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Our two daughters attended Busy Bees for a total of seven years. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found the school. The staff was warm and nurturing, capable of dealing with our kids on their best days and their worst. The pre-K program in particular was outstanding. Our kids were ready for kindergarten not only academically, but, much more importantly, socially and emotionally as well.

                                      Jesse A.

We've been sending our daughter here since May, and have had a great experience so far. As someone with previous experience in the childcare field, I am so impressed by how happy all of the teachers and employees are. You can really tell that they like their jobs and are committed to giving kids and families a great experience. Our daughter talks about her teachers on the weekends, and is beginning to talk about the things she does during the day. We can tell that she's doing a lot of interactive activities with teachers and kids. She comes home singing new songs that she's learned and talking about different things she has played with. 
Great place!

                                                Maggie G.

Our children were students at Busy Bees from 2009-2016. Our older child went all the way through to pre-K, which prepared her for Kindergarten both socially and academically. We always appreciated the community feel of Busy Bees: as the children progressed, the teachers knew and encouraged them. Our daughter grew increasingly more courageous and socially aware as she developed friendships that are still strong to this day.

                                                Rebecca C.

Our child was with Busy Bees from the time he was 13 weeks old until he was ready for kindergarten. the teachers were all so great to him and he made lots of friends, some of whom we still see. In fact, he has been with one of his current clsassmates since they were in the baby room together. Your pre-k program definitely got him ready for kindergarten, and he already knew many of the things they learned in kindergarten thanks to Busy Bees.

                                                    Monica P.

Our son started attending Busy Bees when he was two years old. We were nervous about how he would transition to being at daycare full-time, but the teachers at Busy Bees made it easier than I could have imagined. He received special attention as he acclimated and quickly adapted to the new routine. After almost a year in the class, our son's vocabulary and fine motor skills had significantly improved. Plus, he was potty-trained -- which I totally credit to his teachers! He moved on to the next class and continued to learn and become more independent every day. When we found out we were moving to California for work, we were incredibly sad to say goodbye to our Busy Bee community. We thank them for everything they did for our son over the years. We miss you, Busy Bee teachers and friends!

                                                                       Stevannie S.

Our two sons went through Busy Bees from the time they were three months old through age 4. they were well cared for by terrific teachers, and they were well prepared for success in school. We've even made friends for life.

                                                        Gabe E.

We send our 8 month old here, the staff is very attentive and caring. They have a great play area setup for infants and it is very secure.

The webcam is a nice feature -- we watch it all the time!

                                                Jeremy L.

Thank you,

Busy Bees families!

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