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     Folks are often surprised to discover that Busy Bees is an independent family business.​


     That's just fine with us! Our vision has always been to create a uniquely balanced setting for our families. It's true that our convenient location allows us to offer the amenities often found in much larger companies.


    Yet we always strive to maintain a homey atmosphere that reflects our creative approach to childcare, and each room reflects this with its own style and flair. Many of our wonderful staff have been with us for 5 to 10 years -- in fact, one just celebrated her 15th anniversary at Busy Bees and three more have been with us since 2001!

Special Features

Cameras in our classrooms allow "virtual visits" during the workday. This is especially popular with grandparents who live abroad! For more information visit the WatchMeGrow link below.

Spanish Lessons

Our Spanish lessons will expose children to another culture as well as teach basic Spanish language skills.

Yoga For Kids

Our on-site Yoga program encourages coordination, body and spatial awareness and lots of fun!

Daily Reports

Constant communication each day is provided with daily written reports for infants & young toddlers.

Parent Boards

Boards in each room are updated daily to keep you informed.

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